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Contributions to Citizens

Being an older citizen of Forsyth County D4 gives me a longer look at county problems and solutions or at least a different look from a more life experienced individual. I am writing to you because I would like to point out several reasons that I feel you and your elected position contribute to my personal well-being and safety as a senior in this county. 

I have only known you personally since 2009 but knew of your family and their involvement in Forsyth for their lifetime. 

I know you as the Lady in my Church that takes such a strong leadership role in teaching Oak Grove children everything you can about our Lord and especially leading them with Bible study and your presence! Actually, this complete statement could be about only your faith and desire to be a role model but I digress...

As my elected Commissioner (yes I did vote for you) I view your wonderful progress through a different thought process. I know there will be things that are accomplished that many will or will not appreciate, some more than others. The progress I see and care about in D4 is more on a personal level. A push (always in advance of the thought) by you before Forsyth jumps into a project shows that you are thinking about all of us in D4 but also the total county in general!

Your involvement with the Suicide Awareness Summit affected me personally because I am and have been a surviving family member of my Fathers suicide in 1953. When you and I had our conversations about the panel I will always remember and appreciate your compassion concerning my loss. At the time I was still suffering all these years later with the pain and constant questions!

Recently you helped Margie and I with a Management contact at our Garbage Service that helped with our lack of pickup on Oak Grove Circle because of the road closing and partial barricades. We simple could not get it done by ourselves! Six weeks of problems. Within 10 minutes of our call we got service!

I also believe that you will be on the forefront of solutions to help all of us this terrible Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation!

Cindy, your best asset to Forsyth County is your willingness to get your feet dirty and work on something entirely different than your elected mandate. You are a risk manager and this is why you succeed and why you have my vote. 

And I also love you and your beautiful family, my Church family~

Robert Albertson 


— Robert Albertson

We have appreciated the dedication and time Cindy has devoted to our community.  We have seen her tireless efforts directly impact and benefit our county.  She has been directly involved in supporting our schools in many ways with our drug and suicide prevention programs.  We were fortunate to have the opportunity to meet with Cindy and others at the public after hours meeting to clarify questions regarding the road improvement project on 369 and 400 that she has helped facilitate.  Something else we have also found, is that Commissioner Mills has always been extremely accessible, honest, and knowledgeable anytime we have had questions regarding our community.  We urge you all to support Cindy Jones Mills with your vote so that she may have the opportunity to oversee many projects to their completion that will directly impact all of us in District 4.  Please remember, experience matters!

— Ruth and Clay Allison

Forsyth Friends and Neighbors,
I met Cindy Mills several years ago. Our paths crossed many times at my daughter’s school while she
was growing up. I always thought it was so great to see a county commissioner so interested in our
schools. I have been involved with a few zoning meetings over the years. My first was in the early 90s
when I bought my first house, and I could not have mail delivered because my road was not paved. I
petitioned and was surprised the commissioners helped me. Years have gone by, and I have watched
our county grow. It has been wonderful to watch our resources increase. When I questioned something,
I started asking Cindy Mills for a better understanding. Ms. Mills has always taken the time to explain
the things she could and get me information on things she did not already know. At times I may not
have liked the answer, but I have always appreciated her being genuine with me.

One of the major issues I went to Cindy Mills on was the new Walmart at 369 and 400. My first
thought was, “why do we need another Walmart,” and I was worried about the traffic going to and
from the schools especially during construction. Cindy Mills invited me to a meeting where
representatives from the Walmart project would be presenting some updated plans. She introduced me
to them, and they met with me after the meeting and heard my concerns. We discussed options, and
while I was still a little hesitant, I felt like they cared about the community. Then Cindy negotiated a
partnership with Walmart and North Forsyth High School and their Farm-To-Table program. At the
groundbreaking ceremony, I decided that Walmart and Cindy Mills had my full support.

I have also attended several Drug Awareness Council meetings, which Cindy worked hard to create
here in Forsyth County. The support given to families fighting addiction is amazing. Even more
important is the prevention message shared with our citizens. If you have not attended a Drug
Awareness Summit, I encourage you to do so very soon. You will be amazed with what they share!

Another triumph of Cindy Mill’s is the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Summits. Depression and
suicide are more prevalent than people discuss. The topic is discussed more openly in our county and
especially within our schools. Our youth are especially susceptible to suicide, and they are our greatest
resource. Protecting them ensures the success of our future.

Right now Cindy Mills is reporting daily on the most current Covid-19 information. She has local,
state and national contacts providing this information. Most importantly, she has a heart for caring how
this pandemic affects our community and the citizens.

Cindy continues to help any she is asked. She answers questions and many times provides information
before a question even arises. She has supported our schools both financially and emotionally. She
supports her constituents. She is readily available to answer any inquiry for our community in or out of
district. Her success stories are too numerous to list here.

Cindy Mills cares about my family and our community as a whole. She goes above and beyond being
our commissioner. Cindy Mills cares about our future and the future of our children. And she should
be elected as our District 4 Commissioner.

Vote for the future of Forsyth County! Vote Cindy Mills!

Lorrie Angell

— Lorrie Angell

As a lifelong resident and new home owner in Forsyth County, it is a privilege to know we have such a hardworking and dedicated commissioner in Cindy. She works to preserve the community feel that makes District 4 stand out amongst the other districts in our county, while cultivating new opportunities to grow the District into a place that many want to call home. As for my young family, we plan to live in Forsyth County and District 4 for the rest of our lives and through Cindy’s leadership we know this community will continue to be a place we are proud to call home and  we are proud to support Cindy in her re-election as District 4 commissioner!

Allyson and Austin Baker
McKinley Crossing

— Allyson and Austin Baker ~ McKinley Crossing

March 9, 2020

I try to stay far away from politics but sometimes I feel the need to share my experience and opinion. I am a native of Forsyth County and have seen my town change tremendously. I have always had a passion for people with disabilities, young and old. I can be quite annoying but God has given me a mission to serve these individuals. Since we started Creative Enterprises Forsyth I have depended on the support of our County and State leaders No one has helped more than Cindy Jones Mills. Cindy was instrumental in finding a solution to help people with disabilities obtain transportation around the County. She understood the need and worked hard to get a contract with a Common Courtesy to supplement Dial-A-Ride. She is also helping to bring housing to people with disabilities to our County. Currently, Forsyth County has nothing. This is so important for the individuals and their families. Cindy recently worked with County staff to add handicapped parking to the courthouse. This will be coming soon. I could say so much more but as a parent of a child with a disability, we cannot let Cindy be voted out of office. I'll never understand some people's intentions but Cindy will always be there to help in any issue you may have. I don't know why anyone would want to serve as a commissioner but I am so thankful Cindy Jones Miles does.

 Lisa Bennett  

— Lisa Bennett

Cindy is keen to listen and hear the concerns of her citizens. Cindy has worked hard on the opioid epidemic, the National Day of Prayer, and many projects in D4. She works tirelessly for the projects she believes in, although we don't always agree.  — Dennis Brown - Forsyth County D2 Commissioner

RE-ELECT CINDY JONES MILLS COUNTY COMMISSIONER for DISTRICT 4 As a member of the Forsyth Drug Awareness Council, I have known Cindy Mills for the past five years. I have been impressed by her determination to ensure that our county government does everything possible to make it difficult for drugs to be sold and used in our county. Ms. Mills is constantly thinking of ways to improve our laws in order to prevent or correct loopholes that could be used to the advantage of those who sell drugs. She created the Drug Summit which is held annually or bi-annually to inform and update those who attend of the latest information about drugs and how to recognize the many ways that teens can camouflage their drug use. This is held for the benefit of everyone in our county, and I encourage you to attend if you haven't in the past. It is Cindy's passion to make our county a safe place to live and for our youth to grow up. Our county is recognized nationally for the proactive way in which we deal with the constant threat of drugs among the youth in our county. I hope you have taken the time to read the other endorsements which were written by citizens who have worked with Ms. Mills in her many accomplishments and from which we have all benefitted. There are too many to list, but they include her many contributions to the quality of life that we all enjoy in the northern end of our county. Her many accomplishments reveal the value she places on the following: opportunities for children and education; contributions in the fields of mental health, suicide prevention, and addiction; greenspace and parks that we can all enjoy; improving the quality of life for those who are physically or mentally challenged. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for anyone else to "fill the shoes" that Ms. Mills has filled so willingly and capably for her past two terms, not to mention the knowledge and experience she has gained through her years of service. District 4, as well as Forsyth County, need the experience and good judgement that Cindy Mills has to offer, not to mention the dedication, time, and energy she devotes to all of her projects and from which we all benefit. We need CINDY MILLS for our District 4 Commissioner!!!!! — Dana Bryan

March 10, 2020

Dear Neighbors and Friends of North Forsyth,

I come today to talk about a dear friend of mine and likely yours as well.  In fact, she is a great friend of our beloved community and for many years has been a leader in making sure the history of North Forsyth is preserved and the amenities that bring newcomers to our county are protected and allowed to flourish.  That friend is Commissioner Cindy J. Mills.  

In 2012 just before she was sworn into office as Commissioner for North Forsyth, Cindy honored me with the opportunity to serve my hometown and county as her appointee to the Parks and Recreation Board.  This board is special to her, as it was the role she held for 11 years prior to her becoming Commissioner.  Her love of parks, volunteer work in recreation programs, and the advocacy she made and continues to make for more parks and greenspace meant I had big shoes to fill.  Together we have made a great team with ensuring more parks and amenities are available for the community of North Forsyth.  Some of the work she has fought for and delivered are getting Lanierland Park, Matt Community Park, and Eagles Beak Park master planned and constructed; seeing an opportunity to protect shoreline on Lake Lanier; the upcoming construction of phase 2 at Lanierland and community center at Matt Community; the much deserved and badly needed improvements to Bennett Park and Coal Mountain Park which are the two staples of our the park and rec community in North Forsyth; and she saw the community input and found a great location for a new dog park near the animal shelter, which will also help drive the adoption of these precious animals who need homes.  These parks serve all citizens: children, adults, seniors, and our furry four-legged friends. Cindy’s vision and hard work to see these projects through have now brought great assets to our community.  

Many of my personal friendships – life long, neighbors, and newcomers to the county – have mostly been made at events ourselves or our kids have had at these parks.  They build a sense of community and it is Cindy’s vision to keep this going.  We have much work to do and items still to be accomplished when it comes to parks and recreation in North Forsyth.  Please join me in my continued support for Commissioner Mills and let’s help re-elect her on June 9th so that North Forsyth will continue to have an advocate for our community and the things that make it great.  

Your friend and neighbor, 
Gary Cooper
4th District Member and Chairman 
Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Board 

— Gary Cooper - 4th District Member and Chairman Forsyth County Parks and Recreation Board

While serving on the Board of Commissioners for Forsyth County I have worked with my fellow commissioners to preserve the best of our county and guide the future of our community as it continues to grow and prosper. The board has made major accomplishments under leadership of Chairwoman Laura Semanson and Vice Chairwoman Cindy Mills. Cindy is in contact regularly with our state representatives, our state senators, and our governor's office inquiring about policy and policy changes, researching a project, and keeping her finger on the pulse of what actions at the state level will effect us in Forsyth County. She balances that with her availability to the citizens of Forsyth County. There is an advantage of knowledge, familiarity, and professional relationships that comes with experience. Cindy has that experience and she has been successful at putting it to work for District 4 and the county as a whole.

Commissioner Molly Cooper

District 1, Forsyth County Board of Commissioners

— Molly Cooper - District 1, Forsyth County Board of Commissioners

As a former board member of the Bennett Park baseball and softball booster club, I would like to let everyone know how instrumental Cindy Mills was in getting a much needed improvement for the Bennett Park Batting Cages.  The booster club was not sure where to start in getting this accomplished and Cindy was able to  guide us in the steps necessary to make sure that Bennett Park was able to complete the project.  It was a pleasure to interact with Cindy and we realized what great representation we have in District 4.

Chris Craddock

— Chris Craddock

Cindy is the hardest working county commissioner I’ve ever seen and never stops fighting for her constituents. We are all very fortunate to have her representing us and our values. — Geoff Duncan - Lieutenant Governor

As an 11 year resident of the Bridgetowne neighborhood, I've known Cindy personally for the past 5 years.  In that time, I've had the pleasure of conversing with her online via numerous conversations and also through a few in person meetings.  Cindy has always made sure that she is both accessible and receptive to absolutely every issue that I've brought forth to her.  Her in-depth responses and willingness to research information and reach out to other people to resolve our neighborhood issues and concerns is completely unmatched by any other public official that I have encountered.

A few issues that Bridgetowne specifically has had over the past few years are:

 - Red light at entrance to enable safely turning left.
 - Racetrac being built at entrance
 - Coal Mountain overlay
 - Electronic billboard near neighborhood entrance

Cindy has worked tirelessly with GDOT and county officials to get the Bridgetowne entrance red light that we so desperately need in order to ensure safe left turns.  GDOT had indicated we did not have enough traffic to warrant this light on the state Highway 369.  Cindy was able to tie in both the additional traffic that will be generated by the Racetrac that is coming to the entrance, and the additional of a Coal Mountain Connector road directly across from the Bridgetowne entrance that will terminate at the Coal Mountain Dr. back road on Highway 9 that leads to the North Forsyth school cluster.

The addition of Racetrac to the front of the neighborhood has been a divisive issue for our residents.  Cindy helped assuage residents' concerns by ensuring Racetrac adheres to the Coal Mountain overlay and does not construct unsightly signage.  She orchestrated a meeting between our HOA representatives and Racetrac to discuss the plans and concerns for the new construction.  Cindy helped with plans to create an additional area attached to the side of the Racetrac where Bridgetowne's residents can walk or ride bikes up to and sit and enjoy the amenities.

Due to a lawsuit brought forth by a billboard signage company, the construction of a handful electronic billboards in our area were mandated.  One of these was originally scheduled to go up right in front of the neighborhood, causing potential light pollution into the neighborhood at night.  Cindy was able to get them to move that billboard a mile down the road where it has no impact on the neighborhood.

I fully endorse Cindy Jones Mills for our District 4 Commissioner.  No other candidate would give so much of themselves to ensure the best decisions are made for our area of Forsyth county!

— Troy Etherton

We have already voted and mailed in our absentee ballots and we most definitely voted for you.  We reached out to you about a problem we had with a tree cut up by the county on our property but which was not cleaned up.  We tried many people and departments without response.  When I reached out to you, not only was it cleaned up, it was beautifully done!  We so appreciate your commitment to our district.  Vote for Cindy Mills!

— Loring Freeman

Commissioner Mills has been such a great resource for us as we sought to establish and then grow our business in District 4 of Forsyth County. She has always been accessible by phone or in person and we have found her to be very pro business. She truly has a desire to see Forsyth County flourish and we have the pleasure of not only calling her our commissioner but also a friend.  


— Joe Garcia - Co-Founder NoFo Brew Co.

May 6, 2020 My family and I encourage all of those in North Forsyth, district 4 to support Cindy Jones Mills for county commissioner. She demonstrated professionalism, determination, and care when we were dealing with a difficult land variance issue with our home. Ms. Mills took the !me to personally meet and discuss our issue with us, as well as facilitate meetings with the other commissioners. She was fair to all par!es and took the !me to do her own research, as well as make her own calls to help resolve the issue. We are not able to thank her enough for making a difficult issue for our family a priority. She holds a high regard for the integrity and beauty of this community. She is forward thinking and considers future effects on the district when making developmental decisions. She has demonstrated this when working with the county to develop the plans for the upcoming GA 400 overpass project. She also ensured a monetary dona!on by Walmart to our local schools when the company decided to develop in our area.The charm of the northern part of the county is in able hands with Commissioner Mills. We encourage all to give her their support in the upcoming election. Sincerely,Heather and Andrew Gauthier — Heather Gauthier

Being a Forsyth County native, I have known Cindy my entire life. It wasn’t until my husband passed away in 2017 that I got to know Cindy on such a deeper level and truly see her shine in her position as District 4 commissioner. Our family was personally impacted by the opioid addiction and suicide/mental health issues that our county, state and country face. After expressing interest in fighting to raise awareness and to break the stigma surrounding these issues, Cindy reached out to me to ask what she could do to help. I watched as Cindy helped to create the Forsyth County mental health awareness committee just as she had helped to create the Forsyth County Drug awareness committee. I have personally watched Ms. Mills change thousands of lives for the better. Commissioner Mill’s work with addiction and mental health barely scratch the surface of everything that she has done to better Forsyth County. Cindy is truly one of the most amazing women that I know and she is so passionate about helping to better our families, friends and neighbors. It has truly been a privilege to see her work from behind the scenes and to see how much dedication and hard work that she pours into Forsyth County. I am honored to call her my friend and I can’t wait to see what she continues to do. I truly believe that there is no one more qualified or dedicated and I ask that your vote be for Ms. Mills! — Cassie Hamilton

To the Citizens of District 4,

My name is Bettina Hammond. I’ve had the privilege of serving as Commissioner Mills District 4 Planning Commissioner during her first and second terms.  Although I didn’t know Cindy personally when I agreed to take the position, I felt confident we could work together.

My personal experience while working alongside Commissioner Mills was that she had a style that reflected what I  learned throughout my career.  That a woman could have power, but she understood that collectively we could have a more significant impact if we supported each other. Although we didn’t always agree, she respected my position.

As she governed during a challenging time in our County, she was able to balance her decisions believing in democracy and fairness no matter what your race or religion.  She experienced the good,  bad, and ugly of growth on her neighbors in District 4 but displayed empathy for their positions and worked for a compromise.  When a compromise was not possible, she stood firm in her fairness to ALL.  She defended equality and the laws and ordinances she was elected to uphold.  She did it with passion. 

We served together on the United Way Board, of which Affordable Housing was at the top of the 2017 needs assessment.  The Affordable Housing Committee and Board knew we would need buy-in from the County to address this pressing issue. During that time, Forsyth County was in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan.  Although the Housing requirement had dropped as a required element of the Comprehensive Plan and the majority of Commissioners at the time saw it as a negative, she stood firm that, at a minimum, we should perform a Housing study to determine if there was a need.  She was successful in adding the study to the Land Use Element of the Community Work Program of the Comprehensive Plan.

Presently, I serve on the Advisory Board for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Lanier, Forsyth Chapter.  We serve more than 100 children at Cumming Elementary school with affordable daycare.  Many of whom would otherwise go home alone.  Commissioner Mills has been encouraging and supportive of our efforts.

I will be stepping down as the District 4 Planning Commissioner in May to do some traveling; I will remain involved in our District as a citizen. Nedal Shawkat, a District 4 resident, has agreed to take over in May as your Planning Commissioner.  Nedal has been active with many zonings and will be excellent in the position.

Many projects in the Comprehensive Plan that were developed by the citizens in District 4 need to be guided by experience.  Commissioner Mills is the only candidate that has experience.  What I know is that Cindy loves Forsyth County.  For those reasons, my vote will be for Commissioner Cindy Jones Mills.

I wish only the best for all involved with making this the best County to live and work.


— Bettina Hammond

I have had the opportunity to interact with Cindy Jones Mills on several occasions. One of which was when I was a member of the Coal Mountain Overlay Committee, (Hammonds Crossing to Matt). I saw first hand how committed she is to the county.   For those of you who don’t know what was accomplished with this committee, just look around at any new commercial buildings and see how they compliment this area. (Some examples are the RaceTrac at Hammonds Crossing, The Burger King on 369 and the retail center on 369 at the new Walmart)

She is one of the hardest working women I have ever met.  Cindy is a perfect fit for the time at hand. She has a vision for the future but sees the importance of the past. The overlay will take us into the future but she keeps the historical element in the comprehensive plan front and center by naming our intersections, recognizing fallen officers and fire fighters, and purchasing Historic Matt School.  There are several people running against her and she needs our support. She is an asset to the county and North Forsyth.  

Candy Hammond

— Candy Hammond

I’ve lived in North Forsyth all 20 years of my life and understand the importance of electing someone who genuinely envisions positive change within our community. Cindy is someone I’ve known for the majority of my life and a woman I’ve always looked up to. She is extremely passionate about this community and works tirelessly to make it great. When Cindy last ran for District 4 Commissioner in 2013, my age group was still in middle school and we did not have the ability to vote. Now we do. It’s important to be actively involved community members and engage ourselves in the future of the place we call home.

Something about Cindy that I don’t think many people my age are aware of is her establishment of the Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention Coalition as well as the Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council. These are issues that are often ignored and not discussed enough in our community. It is crucial to have political leaders that are invested in more than just the responsibilities that fall under their job title. She advocates for the people living in this community and is constantly looking for ways to improve our growing district. While she does an outstanding job as Commisioner, she devotes herself to bigger things and speaks on subjects most are too afraid to.

Cindy also wants to bring a social aspect to Forsyth that community members of all ages will appreciate. She has a vision for a thriving town center at Coal Mountain, similar to Vickery Village or Halcyon. She worked with the founders of NoFo Brew Co to get that up and operating, which has become a venue the community loves. She has promising plans for bringing new things to our community, but she also cares about preserving the history of the area and always seems to find the perfect balance. Cindy isn’t just District 4 Commissioner. She is a woman of God, lifelong Forsyth resident, mentor to the youth, and the most hard working individual. She has my vote and I hope yours too. — Addie Harris - Carriage Walk

Cindy Mills is a proven leader who knows what needs to be done and makes it happen. When Cindy saw what illegal drugs were doing to our young people and community at large she jumped into action and championed the Drug Free Coalition bringing together law enforcement and parents with a goal of educating and saving lives. A couple years ago at the Forsyth County School Celebration of Excellence I was honored to present Cindy with the highest award a Partner-In-Education could receive. Cindy was instrumental in bringing electronic devices to students in need.

Cindy is a change maker and advocates for our community. Forsyth County is a better place because of Cindy Mills. Let’s re-elect Cindy to the Board of Commissioners!

Barbara Hendricks

— Barbara Hendricks

An Open Letter to Forsyth County 
Especially Residents of District 4


March 6, 2020

Dear Fellow District 4 Residents
Today I learned that Cindy Jones Mills is running for re-election. I, for one, am glad. While I have never, ever advocated for a person running for office, I feel compelled to do so now.

I have had the pleasure of interacting with her on several occasions, and they haven’t always started pleasantly. Like some of you, I have worried about the exponential growth of the county and complained loudly about it.  I moved here loving the picture of cows in the pasture behind Wal-Mart when it was where Hobby Lobby is now.  Occasionally I spotted them running free along Veterans Memorial Road. I wanted country living and here it was at its finest.

Instead of becoming defensive, Cindy sat down with me,  calmly heard my complaints and told me that the building I was seeing was due to zoning in 2008 right before the economy took a breather. She agreed with me, the county was changing and it was up to the new Commissioners to make sure it grew in a sensible direction. I was impressed because she took the time to talk with me as a concerned citizen even though I didn’t agree with what was happening.
I met her again as I became a single (grand)parent at the age of 63. I was looking for resources and a support group which I could not find. She suggested several resources and encouraged me to start a support group. She even helped to organize the top administrators of several non-profits to meet and discuss this situation.

Again, we met at some of the drug conferences in which she has been very active. She is active in getting additional mental health resources for Forsyth County. Any time I have reached out to her for information or action, she has been receptive and positive.  I have not received this kind of welcoming attitude by many politicians.

As I stated above, I have never, ever advocated for anyone running for office.  I am voting for her. I urge you to do so as well.
Peggy Highton

— Peggy Highton

Commissioner Cindy J. Mills is a long-time supporter of schools in north Forsyth. She facilitated projects with county and state governments for road improvements, particularly to support the three schools accessible from 369 and 9. Additionally, Commissioner Mills works with our north Forsyth schools in the areas of substance use prevention, vaping, and suicide prevention to provide support to our students and their families. As a Partner in Education, she supports many programs, including those that serve economically disadvantaged students, and the expansion of CTAE offerings and opportunities for students. Through her leadership, Commissioner Mills has brought together the business community and rotary to launch the highly successful farm to table program that is now a career pathway at all of the North schools.

Darla Light

Forsyth County Board of Education Member

— Darla Light - Forsyth County Board of Education Member

Why I fully support Cindy Mills as the Forsyth County District 4 Commissioner

Dear Forsyth County District 4 Neighbors,

With the 2020 election right around the corner, it is important that we elect the correct Forsyth County Commissioner to represent us. Cindy Mills is indeed the best choice. Cindy has our best interest at heart and has worked very hard through many difficult challenges in our district. As a district 4 resident myself, I have personally communicated numerous issues to Cindy regarding our quality of life in North Forsyth. Cindy has always listened and pro-actively and urgently acted in our best interest. SHE CARES!

I know many residents have very real concerns about the Eagle Point Landfill, its potential expansion, and the negative impacts it has on our community. To be clear and end some incorrect perceptions, neither Forsyth County nor the Forsyth County Commission have any say in the approval or disapproval of the landfill’s expansion or operating permits. They, like us who live near the landfill, are completely beholden to the State of Georgia and the Federal Government with regard to these permits. That being said, Cindy has worked tirelessly and, with little to no leverage, made some very significant agreements with the landfill in order to greatly improve OUR quality of life.  Many of you have hopefully noticed a significant reduction in odors from the landfill over the past 6 months, and as I am sure you are aware, the winter months have traditionally been the most offensive month with regard to the odors. This is a direct result of Cindy’s hard work, and RESULTS MATTER!  With regard to the litter along our roads associated with the landfill, within one month of requesting that trucks leaving the landfill (not just entering) be tarped, Cindy pushed through the County Commission an amendment to the current ordinance requiring all vehicles going to and leaving the landfill be tarped. Some of Cindy’s specific accomplishments with regard to the landfill are listed below, and please remember, Cindy had zero leverage with the landfill but rolled up her sleeves and made these things happen. 

1.  No Coal Ash will be accepted at Eagle Point Landfill. Coal Ash is very hazardous to people and the environment.

2.  A significant reduction in wet waste from sewage treatment plants than creates odors and significant leachate.

3.  Added two new Forsyth County staff members with vast EPD experience dedicate 100% to safeguarding the community with regard to the landfill.  This has made Advanced Disposal step up their game and hire more people.

4.  Tire wash and signage to use it. The daily mud on Old Federal has been significantly reduced.

5.  Set up an inspection lane off Old Federal so that the County can safely inspect and stop trucks coming and going to the landfill.

6.  Clean up on the roads with the Sheriff’s office and more money for other types of cleaning.

7.  Created Accountability for Advance Disposal to the citizens with quarterly meetings, website and text message capability.

8.  Created accountability for the county to share on their website any reports in relation to Advance Disposal.

9.  Video tape of trucks coming in and auditing of Advanced Disposal books.

10.  Air Quality Station to research and record the air particles. We are the only location in the Country with this program for a landfill. Cindy worked with our state representatives and the EPA to make this very expensive program happen.

11. Changed ordinance 84 to be better equipped to win in court on trucks who don’t pull tarps or completely empty their trucks. Also exploring a strike out program banning trucks, who are frequent offenders, from the landfill. Much like we do with the alcohol ordinance.

12. Raised the HOST fees and kept half of the increase designated specifically for our area that endures living near the landfill.

13.  Applied for and won GSOP grant that will fund additional facilities for families at Eagle’s Beak Park. The playground will be huge occupying 1/2 an acre. There will be a Native American river walk among other things.

14.  Negotiated a .50 cent raise in the MOU to be used for area beautification should their expansion occur.

You can either go out and believe empty campaign promises based on political opponent’s blatant misrepresentations or VOTE for someone who has actually and against all odds made some very real changes for the betterment of our communities. Having witnessed her hard work first hand, I and my family will be voting for Cindy Mills. I hope you will as well!


Doug Martin

Etowah Trails

— Doug Martin

My Inaugural Post to My Fellow Residents

I have resided to Parkstone since 2006. This is my inaugural post to my fellow residents. I have battled with the developer, contractors, and our property management companies since my arrival. Too many with minimal success. It was only when Cindy Jones Mills, our District 4 Commissioner was elected, did we have a powerful voice representing our neighborhood. She was instrumental in having the developer (much against his will) install our park at the top of Bridge Brook Overlook. She compromised with the developer to undo a multi-million dollar (at our expense) second entrance off of HWY 369 to the back of our neighborhood. As a personal note, she was instrumental in securing a grant from the State of Georgia in addressing special needs adult housing in our County. Commissioner Jones Mills is accessible, firm but compassionate, a listener, and has a huge arsenal of support from local, state, and federal officials. It was her pulling and pushing for several years to get Publix to build a grocery store off of Bannister Road. She is worthy of your vote for another term.

Michael Maslanka – Oak Grove Crossing Ct

— Michael Maslanka

"We are unaware of anyone in our local government who works more diligently than Cindy Jones Mills. Even before she became a county commissioner, she has been actively involved in matters which affect our county her entire adult life.  Not only is she diligent, she is incredibly knowledgeable.  We've never contacted her office with a question that she didn’t either immediately have an answer or have us an answer within a very short period of time.  In other words, she is also responsive to her constituents.   She’s also transparent.  We don’t always agree on issues, but she is clear about her positions and has facts to support them.  And, she’s served us this way regardless of the constant personal attacks from people who disagree with a position she has taken. Frankly, we don’t see how she stands it, but we're glad she can.  We can’t recommend a more solid candidate to represent our interests than Cindy Jones Mills."

Angie and Jon McKinney
Haddon Hall

— Angie & Jon McKinney

My name is Matthew Meyer, in 2015 my family and I moved from Hall County to Forsyth County. I have spent the past 20 years as a drug and alcohol counselor working with adolescents and young adults. Currently I am the Program Director for the Insight Program; a youth drug and alcohol treatment center.

Due to my line of work, it was very important for me to get involved with the Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council. This was important to me as a community member to help prevent the spread of drug and alcohol use among the youth in our county. I first met Cindy Mills at our monthly Council meetings. From the beginning, I could immediately see Cindy’s unwavering devotion to bring a light to this dark area that affects so many people. In every meeting her concern was constant -What can we do to help solve this problem?

From that question, Cindy began coming up with strategies to help. The plan was simple: the earlier at-risk youth get connected to services, the greater chance young people have of not falling into a long battle with addiction. At that time Cindy was able to partner with the Sheriff Department to secure funding to provide a full-time drug and alcohol counselor at Gateway Highschool. Gateway services students from all areas of Forsyth County, many of which are there due to drug and alcohol related offences. This gave the county a much need tool in the battle of drug and alcohol abuse among our youth. Now many of the students at Gateway receive one on one substance abuse counseling, regular peer support meetings facilitated by a counselor, and planned social activities designed to encourage fun in maintaining sobriety. All of this is vital to help intervene in the early stages of addiction. Like most medical diagnoses, early intervention is a key element to a successful recovery.

In my friendship with Cindy I have never once heard her turn down any opportunity to help. She is at every meeting, every drug summit and every gathering in our community when discussing drug abuse in our county. I am truly honored to support her bid for re-election. I hope people see what a true blessing we have in Cindy Mills. Her love for people is what makes her so special and why I consider her to be an incredible asset to our community.


Matthew Meyer, CADC, CAC, CCS

Program Director

The Insight Program

— Matthew Meyer, CADC, CAC, CCS - The Insight Program

Neighbors, I would like to share my experience while working with Commissioner Mills. I reached out to her about specific concerns for our new community at Burnt Bridge Rd and was pleasantly surprised to receive her positive response. When sharing my concerns, she was attentive and supportive of my requests for resolutions and took immediate action steps to resolve these issues. Commissioner Mills was ready to reach out to the Sheriffs office to address the traffic issues on Burnt Bridge Rd, including excessive speeding vehicles, and at the same time actively working with the county's engineering team to assist with road crossing signs to protect our neighbors. I admire her readiness and commitment to our community, and I encourage you all to give her the opportunity to continue serving our district that she truly cares about.

Juan Mosquera President, Burnt Bridge Community

— Juan Mosquera

I met Cindy Mills a few years ago when our Resident's Advisory Board was trying to resolve some issues with the builder in our neighborhood. Cindy was very responsive and  listened to our concerns. Because of Cindy’s involvement, we were able to  establish communication with our builder and find resolutions. The developer completed our walking trails, built a pocket park and installed speed limit signs. I was very impressed with how

persistent Cindy was and appreciated her assistance. In addition to helping us find solutions for our neighborhood, Cindy actively reaches out  and makes sure we know what is happening around us.

It is amazing how involved she is and how much she does for our community. She knows the history of our community and has big
plans for our future.  Please be sure to re-elect Cindy Mills for District 4 Board of Commissioner!"

Stef Neuhaus

— Stef Neuhaus

Working With Residents to Better Our Community

March 3, 2020

Dear Ms. Mills,


As the former President of the Hampton Golf Village, I would like to thank you for the hard work and projects you have contributed to our community.

Your hard work in trying to limit the development of property zoned R6 has resulted in strict conditions on the new development at our entrance of GA 400.  These restrictions include limiting the number of large apartments, limiting the total number of apartments and conditions on the entrance.  The apartment conditions have limited the number of people that can live in the development thus, limiting the congestion at our entrance.

Your initiative to rezone the property off Smith Drive and the six year process will be a great benefit to our community.  Rezoning to M1 will eliminate one thousand apartments from being developed adjacent to our neighborhood.  A great result for our community.

There are numerous other projects like helping get our roads paved, signage on GA 400 and development of our relationship with the Sheriff’s department. These accomplishments by you have made Hampton a better place to live.

You have been great to work with over the past six years.  Your experience, dedication and hard work have help guide our HOA on many occasions. Your attendance at our HOA meetings are always informative and to the point.  They keep the community informed of developing situations in our district as well as the county.


Thanks you for your support

Donald Owen

— Donald Owen

Why I am voting to reelect Cindy Jones Mills District 4 Commissioner

When the county proposed a Water Reclamation Facility (WRF) adjacent our neighborhood we called Cindy and asked for a meeting.  She quickly responded with dates and times available to meet at her office.  At the first meeting Cindy listened to our concerns, but more importantly, she listened to our suggestions and acted on them. 

We asked for a Town Hall Meeting with County Commissioners and County Engineers.  Cindy arranged to hold the meeting at the County Administration Building.  That meeting took place on December 12, 2018, with an overflow crowd.

We talked about the recent sale of American Proteins to Tyson Poultry and the possibility of a private/public sector agreement to place the WRF on Tyson’s land.  This can be a win – win. Cindy called Tyson and the preliminary ground work is underway.  

On December 20, 2018 the BOC voted to terminate the contract for the land adjacent our neighborhood.

Cindy opposed a BOC resolution to increase commissioner’s salaries by more than $1,090 per month.  A Mercer Group analysis on commissioner pay compared to surrounding counties showed they were closely aligned with FOCO.  The resolution was voted down 3 – 0.

Cindy is a strong proponent of the Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan (2017 – 2037).  This plan is a road map for future development.  Cindy is working with people who live here to create a vision of how North Forsyth will look and feel as more people and businesses move to Forsyth County. 

Cindy is getting my vote because she is responsive, frugal with tax payer money, and works hard to keep North Forsyth a great place to live and work.

Lynn Rashbaum

FOCO resident since 1992

— Lynn Rashbaum

To whom it may concern,

I have grown up in Forsyth County, and have witnessed first-hand how drugs can ravage a community and family. As a person in long-term recovery, I am so grateful to live in a place that embraces recovery and strives to prevent other young people and families from undergoing the trials that I and my family have. This is in no small part due to the efforts of Commissioner Cindy Mills.

Two years ago in March of 2018 I began volunteering for the Forsyth County Drug Awareness Council, a drug-free community coalition founded by Commissioner Cindy Mills. I was blown away by the passion and cohesive spirit that the group exhibited and fell in love with the organization and the work they were doing. By summer of that year I was hired on as Program Coordinator, and began to serve my communities’ prevention efforts alongside Cindy and other council members. I can tell you that Cindy does not shy away from the drug epidemic at our doorstep, but faces it head on.

I am a proud supporter of Cindy Mills. Unlike some politicians, Cindy does not just talk the talk. She also walks the walk. She gets down into the trenches with us to advocate for our young people to prevent substance use. She meets with families and concerns citizens and advocates for their needs. She brings together all the voices at the table at our Drug Summits to educate community members. She has been a huge part in passing influential anti-vaping ordinances, securing a location for our local Recovery Community Organization, and helping us start up a branch of the non-profit support group for kids who struggle with mental health and addiction called FullCircle. I could go on, but the list would be too long.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the work that Commissioner Cindy Mills does for Forsyth County. She has allowed us to become the county that other county’s look to as an example of innovative substance use prevention and recovery-oriented systems of care. I look forward to a future with her on our Board of Commissioners.


Victoria Ray

Head Youth At-Risk Coordinator
FullCircle Program

— Victoria Ray - Head Youth Coordinator FullCircle Program

To Our Forsyth County Neighbors

For most of my life, politics was what happened every few years in Washington. I’ve always voted but picking the right candidate from the daunting list of local judges, sheriffs, coroners, commissioners was always a challenge, and I never gave it the attention it deserved.

After a decade in Forsyth County, I decided it was time to apply the concept of “think global, act local.” My husband and I attended our first local political meeting with candidates for county commissioner. We wanted to know and get to know who was managing the place we called home. Who was deciding how our funds would be spent, how many law enforcement officials and first responders we had, what plots of green earth were going to be replaced with parking lots and shopping centers, what recreational resources we had, and on and on and on.

Cindy Mills was running at the time and her down-to-earth, no nonsense style was appealing. We voted for her.

Some months later, while driving along Highway 369, we grumbled for the umpteenth time as we passed the old blue couch that sat atop a throne of tree trash. Faded and water-logged, “old blue” was by now a landmark. We called state and county officials. Nothing happened. We called Cindy Mills. The couch disappeared the next day.

Throughout her term, Cindy has proactively reached out to her constituents making sure that we are informed about local events, whether it be a new park or a new zoning application.

This past year, she was at the center of the effort to bring a WWII veterans memorial to Cumming. She knew of our interests in honoring our veterans and told us about the plan months before it came to fruition, and then invited us to attend the unveiling. How cool is that?

Why anyone would want to subject themselves to the magnifying glass that is public office and the abuse that comes with being in the public eye, is a mystery. But Cindy does and has. She’s served our community well, taking care of little blue couches, big parks, and everything in between.

Cindy’s running, again. And, we’re voting for her, again. We hope you will as well.

Harry Bethea

Rona Simmons

— Harry Bethea and Rona Simmons

District 4 Needs Cindy Mills

March 9, 2020

To My Fellow North Forsythians and the Powers That Be,

     It has been brought to my attention that there are some people in district 4 who think a change in regime might be a "cool idea".  I'm certain that the person who thinks it would be most cool is the guy running for District 4 Commissioner.  I get it.  Being a commissioner in the fastest growing county in the United States would RULE!!  I can't blame this person for wanting to try to claim his piece of the political pie, but District 4 isn't the place to do it.

     Let me just tell you all a little about Commissioner Cindy Mills.  

     About 4 years ago, I was a recovering heroin addict with a brand new clear head and heart, and the inspiration struck me to organize a music fest for all of my brothers and sisters in recovery.  I didn't know where to turn, and a friend said I should go visit Ms. Mills.  So, I called up her office, said, "Hey, my name' s Kendra.  I just got off of heroin, and I want to have a party with all of my friends who used to like to do heroin too... I want to have a party with loud, weird music, and I want to do all of this for free... What would you think about helping with this as a deep seeded Forsythian who goes to Baptist church for fun?"

     To my surprise, I was extended an invitation to come see her in her office.  To my surprise, she helped pull out ALL the stops.  To my surprise, she WROTE A PERSONAL CHECK TO SECURE OUR VENUE (yes, a PERSONAL check.. and no.. she didn't ask for a tax receipt).

     That is just one example of the kind of friend Cindy Mills has been to me.  I could certainly go on to talk about the Drug Summits she organizes EVERY year, or how she allowed me to be the keynote speaker a couple of years ago. 

     I could write 2 paragraphs about the incredible things she has done for the schools in her district.  While other politicians and "important" people are helping sod the football fields or helping the cheerleaders raise money for shiny white shoes, Cindy Mills was donating a trailer to the North Forsyth Robotics Club so that they could travel with ease to their competitions.

     Cindy Mills is the kind of woman who roots for the underdog, but she does not stop there.  Cindy Mills lifts up (and sometimes carries) the underdog until she has the confidence to walk on her own.  

     As a woman in recovery who has been lifted up by Cindy Mills; who chose a piece of real estate for her burgeoning business BECAUSE it is in Cindy Mills' district, I'm going to have to ask for all of you to reconsider your thoughts about pushing a woman like this out of her seat.  Coal Mountain is about to become a hub for local business, and I'm sure MANY more will move here within the next year.  Cindy Mills can handle that.... I'm not sure many others could.



Kendra T. Rubin

— Kendra T. Rubin

When you’re involved in politics, it’s pretty common for others to ask for your opinion of other candidates, in local and even statewide or national contests. I’m usually hesitant to get involved in other campaigns, and fairly reserved when it comes to endorsements in general. When I do endorse, it is not for political means, it is because I truly believe in an individual and am willing to put my own reputation on the line. I have specifically tried to steer clear of contested BOC races for other districts. Not only do commissioners have to be able to work together regardless of outcomes, but I also think constituents of those districts should question the motivations behind interference in their affairs. And this will be no different.

That all said, I have found myself repeatedly dragged into the District 4 BOC race. Until now, I have largely remained silent while I have seen the undue influence another colleague, baseless accusations and speculation about me and my interactions with the sitting commissioner/candidate from political operatives, disgusting and frankly false characterizations by same of caring and involved citizens as “minions”, twisted or just plain incorrect information about board and/or county actions - and worse. Much of it is so patently dishonest, I’ve not even wanted to legitimize it by responding, and I’m not the type to get in the mud to battle with individuals of that caliber.

So I want to say upfront that I have no experience working with any of the three challengers. In fact, I’ve only met one personally. I’m not going to attempt to assess their capabilities of whether or not they are right or wrong for District 4, or right or wrong for Forsyth County. I’m not even going to discuss them. But I can tell you about my experience working with Commissioner Cindy Mills and I will share my thoughts. People who know me personally or who have worked with me will tell you, I’m going to give it to you straight, unfiltered.

When I was first elected in 2016, predictions were made that it would be a fireworks show. And there were certainly some of those moments, especially in the beginning. We came from very different backgrounds, different perspectives, and different constituencies. It was a tumultuous time on the BOC, with enormous changes, political and otherwise. It took time working through those disagreements for each of us to see the other as something other than a one-dimensional character, an adversary to be defeated. And while there are still issues that we disagree on, we have been able to forge a professional and respectful working relationship and at least hear each other out. We owe it to our citizens to hear all sides and still make decisions based upon the principles the we believe, on which we ran, and ultimately that are in the community’s best interest.

What I can tell you is this: For as many hours and for as much effort as I put into the job, and as I have observed others do, Commissioner Mills is one of (if not the) hardest working commissioners I have ever seen. And while we’ve sometimes disagreed about the way to resolve an issue, I don’t question her love for this community. That is particularly true for north Forsyth. From the vantage point of other districts, that can be a challenge for us to fight just as hard for Districts 1, 2, 3, and 5. That is on us. There were a lot of decisions she made before I came into office that I disagreed with, and still do. There have been some since then as well. I love this community too, and have not forgotten the poor decisions of the past that pushed me to run for office and fight for something better. But I have found that some of the past narratives are more reflective of the overall composition of the BOC at that time and some not entirely accurate. Do not take that to at all mean I have changed my stance that any development that comes to Forsyth County must bring value and not burden the taxpayers. We are in a very different place today for a number of reasons, and we must remain focused on the citizens helping determine our future.

Love her or hate her, or somewhere in between, you cannot deny that Commissioner Mills has done a lot for her district and this county. That includes involvement and relationships with leaders and organizations on a state and national level that help bring positive things for our community. Many will likely be shocked by this post. And if you categorize it as an endorsement, then so be it, but know I will give every candidate who is open and honest and wants to have a dialogue a fair shake. It is still my preference to stay out of other BOC district races, but I can no longer ethically sit back and see the misrepresentations being made, particularly if they involve me. I can speak for myself and I do.


— Laura Semanson - Forsyth County BOC Chairman

As a resident of Forsyth County and a member of the Carriage Walk community, I appreciate a commissioner that cares about our area and takes the time to inform residents. I receive emails, newsletters, and notices about what is going on in our area and am delighted to give my opinion about Cindy. I appreciate her efforts to gain perspectives from all living in our area. I know the issue of the widening of 369 has been in discussion but I also know of many in our area that commute to Gainesville and Hall County that want that road widened now and can’t wait 25 more years. There have been accidents and delays due to limited passing on that road.

In conclusion, Cindy has done more than any other commissioner for this area to make residents aware of issues and to gather their opinions. I want that to continue here and offer my support to her efforts.

— Nancy Smallwood

Why A Resident of D2 Volunteers for A Commissioner in D4

March 9, 2020

My family has lived in D2 in Forsyth County for 35 years, I didn't get involved in politics until a few years ago. I met Cindy Jones Mills at a Town Hall and was truly impressed by her honesty, integrity, and character. I've run into her several times at different County meetings, she always remembered who I was and always made time to speak with me. As I've gotten to know her, I am continually impressed by her drive and desire to make her community the best it can be. She doesn't confine herself to the issues happening in D4 but looks for the improvement and betterment of our entire County and beyond.

When she informed me that she would be seeking reelection and if I would consider helping her, I immediately offered to volunteer. I have never been involved in any candidates' campaign before, but feel strongly that we need more folks like Cindy Jones Mills looking out for our County and community, especially when growing at the pace we are currently experiencing.

It is an honor to be a part of her reelection efforts, and that's why a woman that lives in D2 is helping a campaign for Commissioner in D4.


Michele Spence

— Michele Spence


March 10, 2020

I feel very fortunate to have a commissioner in office that truly cares about Forsyth County, has a vision, listens to our issues and helps to resolve them. I have personally witnessed Cindy Mills donating and participating in countless non profits and community events. It is always evident she is deeply dedicated to our community. I personally had a few issues that caused me to reach out to Ms. Mills. She helped to resolve the situations far beyond my expectations.  Her response time was much faster than expected, which typically never happens when dealing with government.  In addition, she connected me directly with people and solutions to solve the issues. In more than one instance she personally rectified problems myself and my neighbors were having with our developer/builder. Cindy Mills has exposed to me personally her passion for our community, dedication to its citizens and commitment to the position she holds. I consider all of us in this district to be very fortunate to have Cindy representing us. 

Kimberly Starr 

— Kimberly Starr

I have worked closely with Commissioner Mills on several issues, including air quality monitoring to protect residents around the landfill. I can honestly say I have never worked with a local official that was more dedicated to her constituents than Cindy.  She has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for everyone in Forsyth County. Cindy has also been a staunch supporter of policy changes around drug abuse and has pushed for improvements in the mental health system. She is one of the driving forces behind the state’s efforts with the Behavioral Health Reform Commission.” — Kevin Tanner State of Georgia Representative - District 9

March 30, 2020

Dear Cindy,

I am writing to thank you for all your help with the transition to the resident controlled HOA at Orchard Lake.

You have been a great help in dealing with the builder regarding the storm pond cleanup and repair. You got the right folks at the county involved. You also provided the children at play signs near the kids play area. Just to name a few areas of help.

We enjoyed your personal involvement in our HOA meeting when you presented the GA369/GA9 development plans.

I would also like to thank you and the other commissioners for your efforts to control the Air B&B activity in Forsyth.

I could go on to list the many, many other things you helped our community with but just let me say we are grateful for your help as our county representative. 

Dennis C. Walczak
Vice President
Orchard Lake HOA

— Dennis C. Walczak - Vice President, Orchard Lake HOA

To the citizens of District 4, Ms. Mills deserves our vote and here is just one example why! As many of you know, Georgia 400 has increased in traffic tremendously. Many of my neighbors as well as myself use Settendown Circle and Church Rd as a route to get to our neighborhoods off Hopewell Rd. In addition, many in Hampton used this same intersection to turn left on to Georgia 400. I reached out to Cindy in January 2019 to help me with the Georgia Department of Transportation, who had given me the run around about a protective turn arrow at Settendown and 400. Within the hour, she had emailed someone and forwarded a response to me. Cindy, of course, does not have any control over state departments, which is disheartening because if she did, I believe this all would have happened a lot sooner. But, dealing with state government can be frustrating, at best. No matter, Cindy stayed on top of it. She checked in with me periodically and when I shared that nothing was happening or that I as getting more run around, she went in to action. As you know, if you travel this road, our protective turn arrow system was installed at the beginning of the year. I truly believe this would have never happened had Cindy not been on it. Since then, I have reached out to Cindy for various other questions/concerns, and again, she acts immediately. She listens, cares about our district, and is a voice of reason. I invite you to reach out to her if you have a question about anything. She will tell you the truth, even if it isn't the "truth" you want to hear. She fights for us! Please vote for Cindy to remain our voice. Sincerely, Kathy Westbrooks  — Kathy Westbrooks

I first ran into Cindy when I started attending the Forsyth County Comprehensive Plan meetings open to the public. I really enjoyed attending the open houses and all the events related to the future planning of the county and I wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help out. When I reached out to Cindy in the fall of 2019, she responded right away and suggested a meeting. I met with Cindy and was so glad I was able to discuss some of the projects and things that are going on not just for District 4, but the whole county. I saw first hand how devoted Cindy is to her hometown, and the county her family has lived in for generations. Cindy was easy to talk to, had a wealth of knowledge about the county, and a promising vision for the county's future. She is always on the go and working hard for us. People may see Cindy's name on the campaign signs or know her personally, but I encourage anyone who is interested in the future of the county to reach out to her because she truly cares for this county and the people in it. Thanks, Cindy, for all that you do. Sincerely, Allyson Wilson — Allyson Wilson

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